Thursday, September 3, 2009


Today I woke a bit groggy because in addition to taking another motrin 800 last night I took 1/2 of a 1/2 of a flexeral (muscle relaxor). I went for my ususal pre-run breakfast of a banana but they were looking brown and squishy. I opted for 1/2 of an Ezekiel english muffin toasted with almond butter.

I headed to Memorial Park and did 5 slow miles. I did a bit of walking here and there. I was in a fog from the muscle relaxor. I was also feeling dehydrated even though I drank two large glasses of water before I left.

Post workout breakfast was a bowl of Health Valley Organics flax cereal with skim milk and 1 egg for good measure. I have a correction from yesterday, the cereal was not Nature Path, it was Health Valley Organics. If you have not tried this cereal do it! It has 6 grams of protien, low sugar (9 grams) and TONS of fiber. It tastes super good too......

I am missing some work this morning because I am taking my pug to the vet. He is itching and scratching like a madman. In the car I plan on having a Pure cherry cashew bar + water. I am considering running to Starbucks to get a Pumpkin Spice Latte..... Why not? It's almost the weekend. A small treat. :)

For lunch I am having leftover pork tenderloin, 1/2 of a white potatoe, and some brocolli.

Late day snack will be a nectarine and some almonds.

I will be meeting with Jolene our fitness competition coach at 7 pm tonight. Not sure how that will fit in with dinner. I may have to bring another bar. Not my favorite type of dinner that's for sure. I want real food!