Saturday, August 22, 2009

Saturday Recovery Run

This morning I was a bit groggy since my pugs kept waking me up all night. I was out of bed by 5:15 am and headed down for pre-run breakfast. I had the rest of the bagel from Panera, cinnamon rasin topped with light whipped cream cheese. Somehow only 1/2 of a bagel was left this morning. OOpps! I was munching on it here and there yesterday because it was soo soo good.

The run today was quick and short since we are doing a recovery run. We can't add and add miles every week to our long run. Once in a while you have to cut it back and rest your body. After the run myself and a few running friends decided to do breakfast next weekend after our run. Should be interesting with all that sweat and B.O.

I ran back home and ate one fried egg in pam and one hard boiled egg. We are out of eggs now, time for grocery shopping! At about 11am I had a handful of blueberrys and some rasberrys.

Now I am off for a haircut. More later...

Friday Night Dinner

Last night I was feeling a bit blahh after PT. It was raining out really hard and there was thunder and lightning so we decided to go out for pizza. What better then pizza to perk up a dark evening? I had a personal 6 inch veggie pizza with tomatoes, onions, green peppers, olives, and a olive oil sauce. The marinara there is not very good, it is not thick enough. I decided to add grilled chicken to add some protien to the meal. I also brought some Chipolte Tobasco from home to spice it up. Love the spice, can't get enough of it..... I must have damaged my taste buds somewhere along the way. LOL! I only ate 1/2 the pizza, I was trying to not be a pig since I really was not that hungry. I am still daydreaming about a cupcake though...

Friday, August 21, 2009

Fought the good fight, and WON!

On lunch today I stopped by Panera bread to pick up a bagel for my pre-run breakfast tomorrow. I was eyeing a chocolate chipper and considering a "muffie" but was able to resist both! I got my cinnamon rasin swirl bagel and got the heck out of dodge. I knew if I gave in I would just feel bad about it later. I am saving myself for a cheat this weekend. I am thinking a cupcake (or two) mmmmmm...

Lunch went as planned, leftover chicken lettuce wraps. No sweets for this Foodie. :)

Some like it plain ~ Friday

Today is Friday and I am taking the day off from working out. I will do some stretching late night but other than that I feel like I need to get some R&R before tomorrows big run. This morning I tired out a "raw" oatmeal recipie that I got off another food blog I read. You soak 1/2 cup of whole oats overnight in a nut milk like soy or almond. The next day you add in Greek yogurt, nut butter, one banana, and some agave nectar. I didn't care for it much and threw it away to start over. I made my ususal of 1/2 cup oatmeal with water topped with flax seed, strawberrys and a drizzle of vanilla agave nectar. Of course I also had 1 egg fried in Pam. Eggs are great in the AM, what can I say?

For snack today I will be having a Fage Greek yogurt with strawberry. For lunch more leftover chicken lettuce wraps with a bit of hot sauce, plum sauce and hosin. I decided to play it safe and eat the last of the leftovers instead of heading out. My stomache is sore from the cheese I ate last night. At one point I was totally intolerant of dairy but now I can eat a little and be OK. Last night was over my limit!

PT later today to, hopefully I won't get all sweaty again.......

Thursday' greasy dinner out

For dinner last night both Chris and I were tired so we headed out to a local taco shop El Rey. I decided to do something different and get a shrimp quesadilla and plantains. Not the best idea, the quesadilla was more like cheese and a shell. There was only one small shrimp in each triangle. I ate three pieces then decided to order a grilled fish taco on wheat. Much better, I think I will stick to my tried and true from here on out. My stomache will apreciate that too, it was a bit upset last night and this morning. The plantains were good but a bit too greasy for me.

I was able to get to bed early for a long snooze with the pugs.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Oh so tired this afternoon

I think the week is finally catching up with me. I am really tired right now and sore to boot. I had 1/2 of a milk chocolate Dove bar (3 squares) at Target this afternoon around 1:30pm. I am now sipping on 1/2 a cup of coffee with powdered creamer and a squirt of agave nectar. Hey a girl's gotta DO WORK..........

OK I am starving

Looks like my snack of hummus and raw veggies is not holding me over. Can't wait for lunch! I snacked on my other 1/2 of my Trio bar at about 11:30 am.

Eat That Frog!

This morning I snuggled with my puggie JR till 5:20am and then headed downstairs for a pre-workout snack. Chris decided to join me at the gym today but he had already headed out the door by the time I got downstairs. I toasted 1/2 of an Ezekiel Cinnamon Rasin english muffin and topped it with almond butter and a smear of Nutella. I love Nutella, I wish it was good for you. LOL!

At the gym I tried to focas on my hamstrings and was surprised to see some muscle growth there. I was able to leg curl 60lbs which is 5lbs more than I can usually do on a GOOD day. I did several machines and ventured into the weight room for a few squats and lunges. Those are key for nice legs but are no fun. It is best to do them right away and get them over with. Eat that Frog!

Post workout breakfast was 1 egg fried in Pam (how many eggs can a girl eat right?) and a few rasberrys. When I got to work I also ate 1/2 of a Trio bar.

Snack today will be raw snap peas, cucumbers, and red pepper dipped in hummus. Lunch will be leftover lettuce wraps from last night (3).

Have a good day, more food later.........

Hump Day Dinner

Last night for dinner Chris made us chicken lettuce wraps. Usually we use turkey but ground chicken was on sale over the weekend so Chris was being thrifty. Chris cooked the ground chicken in a non-stick pan then seasoned with Chinease Five Spice, plum sauce, and hosin sauce. A brocolli cole slaw is then stir fried into the mix until tender. There are a few options for the acutal "wrap" part like nappa cabbage or plain iceburg lettuce. We use iceburg because it is cheaper and we can potentially use it with other food. I had two lettuce wraps then added a bit of extra meat on the side. I also like to add some spicy Vietnamese hot sauce on the top too. I like it HOT.

Would you believe that we spent $900 on groceries last month? We are now making an effort to watch it at the store and make sure we are not wasting food. Both of us take our lunch to work at least 4 days a week so that does account for some of the cost. When you think about it $900 is a ton of money to spend on food for two people.....

I got some bad info from my friend and I missed the body building show on E!. I just caught the tail end of it. Hopefully a re-run will be on again soon. The two of us are going to a body building and fitness show next Saturday. Ana was able to score us 3rd row center seats, she has struck up a friendship with a woman who works there. Should be interesting, I will take some pics and post them.

I finished the night up with some new "standing" leg stretches and got to sleep at about 9:30pm.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Check out women in body building and fitness on E at 9 pm tonight!

Shot Block Anyone?

Lunch turned out as I had orginally planned today, 2 fish tacos on corn tortilla and a side order of black beans and mango ice tea (unsweetened).

On lunch I stopped by a sporting goods store and picked up some Cliff Shot Blocks and Jelly Belly Sport Beans with caffeine. I don't recommend using either of these running "aids" unless you are doing 8 + miles. They can be addictive and distracting. Your body does not need them unless you are 1 1/2 hrs or more.

I picked up the Cran-Raz and Black Cherry flavors in the Shot Blocks and Cherry in the Sport Beans. My favorites. My stomache does not tend to do well with Gu's and gels. Gastic distress is the last thing you want to be worried about durring a run with no bathrooms in sight.

Just munched on a square of Lindt dark chocolate. 70% dark.

Last nights easy dinner + Early Run today

Last night for dinner I just did something quick and easy. More leftover chicken tenderloins pared with 1/4 cup of Bush's vegitarian baked beans. The beans are high in protien but also have a lot of sugar in them. So I tried to minimize my intake. There was not much else to go with my tenderlions that did not require any cooking effort. I planned on making my blueberry muffins but by the time I finished blogging and checking my emails it was 8:45pm. I still needed to take my epsom salt bath and get to bed by my deadline of 9pm. So I skipped the muffins, I will make them on Wednesday.

This morning I planned on getting up at 5 am but Huggie my pug woke us at 4:15am wanting snacks. When the alarm actually went off I snoozed till 5:20am so I had to boogie to the park. Pre- run breakfast was 1/3 of a stale bagel and light whipped cream cheese.

The temp at the park was feeling reasonable to me this morning so I made the commitment to do 5 miles. I was able to run a negative split which is starting out slow and gradually getting faster the last 1/2 of your run. The last mile I was running as hard as I could. I would like to get faster since I feel like I am a pretty slow runner (all things considered). I need to be doing 20 + miles a week before I can participate in the "speed training". I am right at 19 miles but that is counting the miles I am putting in on Wednesday's. So I will need to add an extra running day somewhere. I am thinking Fridays which is my usual rest day. Then when will I rest you ask?? Hummm.........

My hamstrings are not sore at all which is a plesant surprise. My knees are feeling a bit funny though, I hope this doesn't become a regular thing. I am going to bring it up at PT next week.

After run breakfast was one fried egg in pam + 1/2 cup of steel cut oats cooked in water + 1 banana mashed and a few blueberrys.

My snack today at 10:30am was an apple with 2T of almond butter. Not sure on lunch today. We have visitors from corporate in town so I did not know if I would be coming along for lunch. From the sounds of it so far it doesn't look like it. I am thinking of going to El Rey and having 2 grilled fish taco's on corn. Maybe adding some black beans as a side. I am going to have to gauge my hunger when I get there. I LOVE fish tacos. They sound nasty if you have never had one but they are the best!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Whole Wheat Blueberry Muffins

Tonight is the night of the blueberry muffin....... I have tons of blueberrys in the house since they are in season. I decided to use some of them up with this easy and healthy recipe:

1.5 cups Whole Wheat Pastry Flour (can be found at high end grocerys)
3/4 cup Cane Sugar
3 T Butter
1 egg + 1 egg yolk
1 banana mashed
1.5 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp sea salt
1 tsp cinnamon
2 cups fresh blueberries
1/3 cup soymilk or milk ( I like light vanilla soymilk)

Preheat oven to 375

In a small pot on the stove melt the butter then remove pot from burner. Add the milk, the egg + yolk, and mashed banana and wisk well. Set aside.

In a large bowl combine the flour, baking powder, cinnamon, sugar and salt. Add the wet ingredients and stir until incorporated. Add the blueberries gently.

Spoon batter into 10 greased muffin tins. Bake for 25-30 mins until golden brown. Enjoy!!!!

Not so good lunch

Going to do CE today threw me for a loop. I planned on eating my Trio bar on the way there but forgot since I was yapping on the phone. the whole drive there.

I started right on time at Prometic but fell asleep at my computer! Opps.... It was so boring and I was nice and snuggly warm in my fleece. What I think actually was happening was my blood sugar was getting low and I was having trouble concentrating thus was dizzy and sleepy.

I stepped out at 12:30pm and scarfed my Trio bar and went around the corner to the Vietnamese pharmacy (in the building) and bought a diet coke (gasp) and a peanut butter and crackers pack. It was the best of all the bad choices there. Chex mix, candy bars, chips, cheetos, ding dongs etc. etc..... At least I got some protien from the peanut butter and I really needed the caffiene. So that put my lunch at about 420 calories.

I headed back to the office and decided to go ahead and eat my bagged lunch of leftover chicken tenders (3) and orzo pasta with mushrooms. I dipped the chicken in spicy BBQ sauce swirled with a dab of ranch. I love ranch dressing but I find it sooo hard to not go overboard on it. Mixing it with another condiment works well for me. Try it.

At PT tonight I got super sweaty and gross. When I am getting the deep tissue massages I start sweating. I think because I really want to flea but I know I can't so my reaction to the pain is to start sweating. The therapist worked my hamstrings tonight and boy did that hurt - thus I was soaked....... My mascara was even running!! I have a giant knot about 4 inches up from where my knee bends on my left side and a smaller version of the same thing on the right. More epsom salts and stretching tonight. Last night I flaked and did nothing. OH WELL!

A Kitty's gotta eat!

This morning I was super rushed all the way around. Chris had to get a ride to the "park and ride" to get to the airport early this morning. I woke at 5:15 am but needed to drop him off before 6am. I got to the gym around 6:15am and did a quickie workout of upper body moves on the machines. I ran home to walk the dogs and have a quick breakfast of two fried eggs (in pam) and some raspberries. I really wanted to do oatmeal but that was going to take me too long.

On my dog walk I spotted the cutest little black and white kitty. He looks to be about 4-6 months old. He is all black except for the backs of his feet are white and a bit of white on one side of his face. I tried to get close to him but the dogs were making him nervous. The pugs could care less about cats by the way. If they can't eat it or pee on it they are not interested. When I got home I put out some dry and wet cat food. Hopefully he will make his way down the street. Cats have an incredible sense of smell. I decided to name him Daryl.

I brought leftovers today for lunch but I forgot I have to do some CE out of the office this afternoon. I am going to have to eat "out" and eat much later than usual today. I will bring a Trio bar with me to eat on the way and hope for the best. Prometric does not let you bring in food or drinks.

I will be having my snack of Fage yougurt with cherry a bit earlier, about 10am.

Monday night dinner

Dinner last night was pretty good all things considered. Chris had picked up two packages of Air Chilled chicken tenderloins from HEB/Central Market over the weekend. I usually steer clear of the tenderloins since they have that annoying tendon in them plus they are so small. But I love Air Chilled chicken! If you have not tried it pick some up on your next shopping trip. It is organic grain fed chicken chilled in some mystery way that makes the chicken extra juicy. I had a 1/2 package of Planko bread crumbs (Japanese) that I mixed with 1/2 a canister of regular Italian bread crumbs. I dipped the washed tenderloins in an egg mixture (just two eggs scrambled), then coated each side with the breading. I then baked the tenderloins at 400 for 30 mins, turning them over after 20 mins. For a side dish I made orzo pasta with mushrooms. The recipie is as follows:

1lb of orzo pasta cooked
3/4 cup of Italian parsely chopped
3/4 cup of pine nuts toasted (simply put them on a non-stick skillet and brown on high heat)
2 packages of cut mushrooms
1/4 cup olive oil to cook mushrooms
2 T olive oil to mix in with the pasta
Lemon juice from 3 large lemons
Salt and pepper to taste

After the pasta is cooked add all ingredients except the 1/4 cup olive oil and mushrooms. Cook the mushrooms in the olive oil on high heat on the stovetop for about 7 mins. Mix all together.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Monday lite snack

I had a meeting at 3pm today so I had my snack a bit late. I was not that hungry anyways, I ended up eating all of my sweet potatoe. ! It tasted really good, I must have gotten a really fresh one.

At 4:15 pm I had 3 small crab dumplings with hot dumpling sauce. About 100 calories.

A Slow-Go Monday

Waking up this morning was tough, I stayed up way to late watching reality TV last night! Chris actually rose before me at 5am and I snoozed till 5:15am. I went downstairs and went straight for my new go-to pre-run snack, a 1/3 of a bagel and light whipped cream cheese. It has been helping with my durring and after run digestion problems. Enough said.

Monday is "hills" training around the Allen Parkway Bayou. I decided to run to base camp to get in a good warm up. I was feeling very tight in my hamstrings and sore in the general pelvis area. I have been faithfully doing stretches in the PM and doing my epsom salt baths and I can't wait to see some faster results. My usual running mate Ana was not there (???) so I did the hills alone with my bestie buddie, the ipod. Lots of people were passing me by but I decieded to keep to my slow and steady pace. The group did 3o mins of hills after about a 20 min warm up. We are constantly being reminded that the most important part of the workout is the warm up. We finished up with stretches and abs then I was off to run back home. Really it was more like walk home. I am trying to figure out what is wrong with my Garmin. It is showing my pace in a strange way. I can't figure it out and it is driving me NUTS!

After my workout I decieded to really "up" my protien by having two eggs and a few blueberrys + water of course.

When I got to work my computer crashed, what a way to start a Monday........

Snack today was Greek Yogurt Fage 2% with rasberrys and blueberrys + some agave nectar.

Lunch will be leftovers from last nights dinner, pork tenderloin (with a mustard sauce), brocolli, and 1/2 of a sweet potatoe. I am going to try and not eat all the potatoe, I don't need the startch. Yesterday I loaded up.

No PT tonight, Yippee!! I will be stretching OF COURSE.