Saturday, August 22, 2009

Saturday Recovery Run

This morning I was a bit groggy since my pugs kept waking me up all night. I was out of bed by 5:15 am and headed down for pre-run breakfast. I had the rest of the bagel from Panera, cinnamon rasin topped with light whipped cream cheese. Somehow only 1/2 of a bagel was left this morning. OOpps! I was munching on it here and there yesterday because it was soo soo good.

The run today was quick and short since we are doing a recovery run. We can't add and add miles every week to our long run. Once in a while you have to cut it back and rest your body. After the run myself and a few running friends decided to do breakfast next weekend after our run. Should be interesting with all that sweat and B.O.

I ran back home and ate one fried egg in pam and one hard boiled egg. We are out of eggs now, time for grocery shopping! At about 11am I had a handful of blueberrys and some rasberrys.

Now I am off for a haircut. More later...