Monday, August 24, 2009

The Hills are Alive!!

This morning I got off to a slow start since I was sleeping so well and did not want to get up. I don't have anymore bagels handy so I had a banana for pre-run breakfast. I started getting a sour stomache yesterday afternoon and I was feeling queezy when I woke up this morning.

I ran to base as part of my warmup (0.80 mile) and then did some running drills for about 15 mins. Our hills training today was again broken into groups according to how fast we run. I am pretty slow so I went with the 26-29 min group (5K time) which was hill #1. We did 800 meters at a medium effort then walked down a hill, an easy jog for another 800 meters then back to the starting cone. Repeat that over and over for 20 mins and that was hills today. We of course did stretches and abs then it was a walk back to the house. I didn't dare run it. My stomache was really bothering me and I thought I might puke. No such luck.......

After-run breakfast was a handful of blueberrys, 1/2 of a cinnamon rasin Ezekeil english muffin with almond butter and 1 egg fried in Pam. Tasty! My stomache felt slightly better.

Snack today will be 1/2 of a Trio bar. I am trying to save my appetite for lunch plus I still don't feel that great. We will be taste testing at Vargos for our annual kickoff meeting in January. The food is supposed to be great so hopefully I will be feeling better by then. Today of all days to have a stomache ache!

Taste testing results later..........