Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hump Day Dinner

Last night for dinner Chris made chicken fajitas and Mexican brown rice. We skipped the tortillas since I had 4 tortillas with my taco lunch. I have noticed that when you are at a resturant and order corn tortillas they tend to double them up. I suppose corn tortillas break apart easier so it makes sense.

Chris cut boneless/skinless chicken breasts into strips then satued them in a bit of olive oil on a non-stick pan. He threw in 2 sliced green peppers, 1 red pepper,1 jalepeno and 1 onion along with a McCormick seasoning packet. I am not a fan of the pre-marinated faijta meat, something in the marinade makes me sick........ I rather we do the extra work and create our own.

The Mexican rice was quite tasty for brown rice, you could not tell the difference. Chris adds 1/2 a bottle of Pace salsa and chopped peppers and jalepenos to the rice. I added some spark to my fajitas with reduced fat sour cream (gotta have it) and some hot sauce of course.

I was able to get in some good stretching and a epsom salt bath last night too.