Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Poor Planning Leads to Off Day....

This morning I was feeling super tired (and sore from yesterday) so I decided to take my "off day" really early this week. I have worked out 4 days in a row so I should not feel guilty but, I DO! I have been going to bed way to late all week, 10:30pm or so. Not good for early morning workouts.

I am off of PT for the week because I am short on cash right now. I have to come up with $40 out of pocket every visit and that has gotten expensive. I really thought I would be done with therapy by now.

Breakfast today was a 1 cup of Multi-grain Cheereos with light vanilla soymilk topped with a banana and one egg fried in Pam. I try not to eat cereal but it sounded good today.

I missed my usual snack time today do to a work commitment but I managed to eat an apple on the way out the door to lunch at 1pm.

Lunch today was 2 grilled fish tacos from Berry Hill. I also munched on some chips with salsa and a white creamy dip. I should have skipped the creamy dip but my willpower is weak today. :)

I don't think I will have another snack today since I ate lunch late and I am feeling pretty full. If I do decide to snack it will be Okios Vanilla Greek yogurt topped with my custom Mojo Mix.

Dinner tonight? Who knows, I will have to ask Mr. Foodie. LOL!!