Thursday, August 27, 2009

Good Start Thursday

This moring I was able to wake easy and head out to the park for some running. Pre-workout breakfast was 1/2 an Ezekiel cinnamon rasin english muffin topped with reduced sugar Jiff.

The temperature out this morning was very pleasant so I enjoyed my 5 mile run this morning. I planned on meeting up with two friends from my running group but I did not see them when I arrived. I needed to get moving so I could get home on time to eat and get to work so I missed them. My legs are really feeling good today, I am so surprised. The stretching must have really helped last night. Tomorrow I am planning on going to the gym for some weights.

Post workout breakfast was 2 eggs fried in Pam + one homemade whole wheat banana blueberry muffin. I am down to the last two! Ohhh they are good.

Snack today will be the vanilla Okios Greek yougurt I didn't eat yesterday topped with my Moja Mix. Lunch will be leftover chicken fajitas, Mexican brown rice and reduced fat sour cream + hot sauce.

Dinner tonight will be personal pizzas made on whole wheat pitas and turkey pepperoni. I am going to stop at the grocery store on lunch today since we are totally out of fruit and veggies. I will get some peppers to add to my pizza. I prefer veggie pizza to meat pizzas.....