Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Shot Block Anyone?

Lunch turned out as I had orginally planned today, 2 fish tacos on corn tortilla and a side order of black beans and mango ice tea (unsweetened).

On lunch I stopped by a sporting goods store and picked up some Cliff Shot Blocks and Jelly Belly Sport Beans with caffeine. I don't recommend using either of these running "aids" unless you are doing 8 + miles. They can be addictive and distracting. Your body does not need them unless you are 1 1/2 hrs or more.

I picked up the Cran-Raz and Black Cherry flavors in the Shot Blocks and Cherry in the Sport Beans. My favorites. My stomache does not tend to do well with Gu's and gels. Gastic distress is the last thing you want to be worried about durring a run with no bathrooms in sight.