Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Not so good lunch

Going to do CE today threw me for a loop. I planned on eating my Trio bar on the way there but forgot since I was yapping on the phone. the whole drive there.

I started right on time at Prometic but fell asleep at my computer! Opps.... It was so boring and I was nice and snuggly warm in my fleece. What I think actually was happening was my blood sugar was getting low and I was having trouble concentrating thus was dizzy and sleepy.

I stepped out at 12:30pm and scarfed my Trio bar and went around the corner to the Vietnamese pharmacy (in the building) and bought a diet coke (gasp) and a peanut butter and crackers pack. It was the best of all the bad choices there. Chex mix, candy bars, chips, cheetos, ding dongs etc. etc..... At least I got some protien from the peanut butter and I really needed the caffiene. So that put my lunch at about 420 calories.

I headed back to the office and decided to go ahead and eat my bagged lunch of leftover chicken tenders (3) and orzo pasta with mushrooms. I dipped the chicken in spicy BBQ sauce swirled with a dab of ranch. I love ranch dressing but I find it sooo hard to not go overboard on it. Mixing it with another condiment works well for me. Try it.

At PT tonight I got super sweaty and gross. When I am getting the deep tissue massages I start sweating. I think because I really want to flea but I know I can't so my reaction to the pain is to start sweating. The therapist worked my hamstrings tonight and boy did that hurt - thus I was soaked....... My mascara was even running!! I have a giant knot about 4 inches up from where my knee bends on my left side and a smaller version of the same thing on the right. More epsom salts and stretching tonight. Last night I flaked and did nothing. OH WELL!