Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Last nights easy dinner + Early Run today

Last night for dinner I just did something quick and easy. More leftover chicken tenderloins pared with 1/4 cup of Bush's vegitarian baked beans. The beans are high in protien but also have a lot of sugar in them. So I tried to minimize my intake. There was not much else to go with my tenderlions that did not require any cooking effort. I planned on making my blueberry muffins but by the time I finished blogging and checking my emails it was 8:45pm. I still needed to take my epsom salt bath and get to bed by my deadline of 9pm. So I skipped the muffins, I will make them on Wednesday.

This morning I planned on getting up at 5 am but Huggie my pug woke us at 4:15am wanting snacks. When the alarm actually went off I snoozed till 5:20am so I had to boogie to the park. Pre- run breakfast was 1/3 of a stale bagel and light whipped cream cheese.

The temp at the park was feeling reasonable to me this morning so I made the commitment to do 5 miles. I was able to run a negative split which is starting out slow and gradually getting faster the last 1/2 of your run. The last mile I was running as hard as I could. I would like to get faster since I feel like I am a pretty slow runner (all things considered). I need to be doing 20 + miles a week before I can participate in the "speed training". I am right at 19 miles but that is counting the miles I am putting in on Wednesday's. So I will need to add an extra running day somewhere. I am thinking Fridays which is my usual rest day. Then when will I rest you ask?? Hummm.........

My hamstrings are not sore at all which is a plesant surprise. My knees are feeling a bit funny though, I hope this doesn't become a regular thing. I am going to bring it up at PT next week.

After run breakfast was one fried egg in pam + 1/2 cup of steel cut oats cooked in water + 1 banana mashed and a few blueberrys.

My snack today at 10:30am was an apple with 2T of almond butter. Not sure on lunch today. We have visitors from corporate in town so I did not know if I would be coming along for lunch. From the sounds of it so far it doesn't look like it. I am thinking of going to El Rey and having 2 grilled fish taco's on corn. Maybe adding some black beans as a side. I am going to have to gauge my hunger when I get there. I LOVE fish tacos. They sound nasty if you have never had one but they are the best!