Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hump Day Dinner (last night)

Last night I got home later than usual from PT because Chris was "doing a business deal" and could not pick me up right away. We finally sold our car! Horaay....!!..... The purchaser works at Comerica Bank one of my previous employers. Small world. He will be picking up and paying us for the car on Saturday.

The dinner responsibilties fell to me so I made a quick dinner of turkey spaggetti with whole wheat pasta. Turkey meat tends to be a little bland (compared to beef) so I tried to jazz it up with some minced garlic, fresh parsely, and mixed Italian herbs (dried). We had received some nice pasta sauces as a shower gift from Chris's Aunts in April so I decided to use them. I mixed the leftovers from the olive and artichoke jar and a new jar of primavera together with the seasoned turkey meat. Chris really liked the combined sauce but I thought it was just ok. The sauces are so good on their own, I felt the meat took away from their taste.

After dinner I had a taste for something sweet so I had two fig newtons while watching the tube.

My Performance Testing at PT turned out better than expected. My quads are in the 90th percentile and my hamstrings are in the 75th percentile. Which means normal. I think they were really expecting to see a muscle inbalance between the two groups. We ran out of time since they close at 6:15pm so the Dr. is going to go over my results and plan tomorrow. I am seeing more testing in my future.