Saturday, August 15, 2009

A Painful Friday

Sorry I didn't get to blogging yesterday, I was busy in the AM and in pain for the PM. LOL!

Yesterday morning I was feeling really good when I woke at 5:15am so I went to the gym to do "legs". I had runners rehab the night before at PT but was not feeling sore so I was just going to go for it. Usually I take Fridays off but I was so tired this week on Thursday that I switched it up. So I did a 10 min warm up on the elipical machine then off to the weight room and a few pit stops at the machines. When after about 50 mins I wrapped it up with some core work and headed home.

For breakfast I had 1 egg fried in pam, and a slice of turkey bacon. For snack at about 10:30am I had a handful of mixed nuts and a large peach. For lunch I had a Wich Wich Buffalo Chicken sandwich on wheat bread, spicy mayo, pickles, cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoe, mixed hot peppers, buffalo sauce, pepper, and crushed red pepper. It was so hot and spicy! Just the way I like it.......... Also I sipped on an unsweetened ice tea.

At about 3pm I was so sore and feeling dizzy. I don't know if it was all related to the PT but I must have overdone it at the gym. My hamstrings were just burning at my butt. I was so glad to leave for home at 4:30pm.

For dinner we went to Greek Pizza and I had a personal veggie pizza with tomatoes, onions, olives, green peppers, with an olive oil sauce and added grilled chicken. Very tasty, I ate all of it but one piece. I should have saved 1/2 for Saturday but I was being a pig. I once again had my standby of unsweetened ice tea.

Then it was off to bed at 9:30pm for another early rise.