Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thursday - Off Day

Last night I was feeling very sore and tired from working out and PT everyday. I decided to take today off and sleep in a bit. I took my epsom salt bath last night so there was no need to even get up early and shower. Somehow I didn't make it to work any earlier..... LOL!

I got up around 7am and did some stretches out of my "Stretching" book. They look so much easier than they really are. I guess I need to keep at it and practice.

Breakfast today was 1 cup whole grain cheeros with light vanilla soy milk, strawberrys, and a 1/2 banana. I also had 1 hard boiled egg.

When I got to work today I also had some coffee with powdered creamer and agave nectar (hazelnut flavored). I have to be careful with the coffee, I am very sensitive to caffeine.

Snack today will be spicy hummus and mixed veggies. I never got a chance to eat it yesterday.

Lunch will be leftover spaggetti and water.

Back for more PT tonight. I am hoping to slow down and go less often really soon. It is becoming a pain...... Literally!